Treatment Options for Stress Urinary Incontinence

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SUI or stress urinary incontinence can affect your quality of life. It can cause a lot of embarrassment and discomfort. Some people find that it affects their confidence as well. There are many treatment options for this but the traditional treatment options were often limited and come with a long recovery time. You will also need to deal with potential complications.

A non-invasive way of traditional treatment is Kegel exercises

And this is a form of muscle training where you exercise to strength your pelvic floor muscles. This can help support the bladder and control the flow of urine. This can bebeneficial for some while not being very effective in others. You need to do these exercises daily which can be difficult and three will not be a significant improvement in most cases. There is also urethral sling surgery is you have a severe case of SUI and this is where a supportive sling is implanted underneath the urethra so that it is supported preventing urine leakage. This can be an effective treatment but you need to be hospitalised for this. Some of the potentialcomplications associated with urethral sling surgery are urinary retention, bleeding and infection.

There are more modern urinary incontinence treatment options such as IncontiLase. This is a non-surgical treatment method that is considered an alternative to the traditional treatment. This can improve urethral support so that the symptoms of SUI can be reduced or eliminated completely. This is a procedure that will be performed at a clinic but it doesn’t take a lot of time. This will generally take about 15 minutes. A specially designed laser probe for the treatment will be inserted into the vagina. This will deliver controlled laser energy to the pelvic floor tissues which can stimulate the production of collagen and remodelling of tissues. This will improve your urethral support and reduce bladder leakage. The laser energy has a photothermal heating effect on collagen that is found in the urethra and the vaginal walls. Therefore, the collagen fibres will be encouraged to regrow and restructure. This will cause the thickening of vaginal walls and urethra. This is a great way to prevent atrophy.

The IncontiLase treatment will be performed in

The office and there will be short pulses of laser treating the entire vaginal region. This is a virtually pain free procedure and you don’t need to go under anaesthesia for it. There are also no incisions required which can bring down potential complications. You will be able to leave the clinic immediately after the procedure is done and get back to your daily routine. There can be some sensitivity in the treated area after the procedure. Some patients will experience a transparent discharge and this can persist for about 2 or 3 days after the procedure. It is not recommended to engage in sexual intercourse for the first week after the IncontiLase procedure and this will allow you to rest and heal properly. This is  a highly effective treatment method.