Process of Placing Dental Crowns

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Dental crowns are placed in order to restore the strength and function of damaged teeth. They can also improve the aesthetics of teeth and help you achieve a better smile. In this article, we will go through the basic process of placing the dental crowns.

You can make an appointment at your local dental clinic for a consultation. At the initial consultation, the dentist will evaluate the condition of the damaged teeth. They will decide whether a dental crown is necessary for your situation. They will go through the treatment options with you and explain the pros and cons along with aftercare. If a dental crown is selected as the treatment procedure, they will explain what you can expect from the process and clarify any concerns you have about it. The affected tooth has to be repaired before you place the crown. The size of the tooth will have to be slightly reduced so that there is space for the dental crown. Special tools will be used by the dentist in order to trim and shape the tooth. They will ensure very little material is trimmed. Once the tooth is prepared, the next step is taking an impression of the lower and upper teeth. This will help in creating an accurate mould of your teeth. The exact contours and dimensions of your teeth can be obtained with this and this mould will be sent to the dental laboratory so that a custom made crown can be fabricated. The mould ensures accurate measurements so that the dental crown fits perfectly in your mouth.

The dentist and a dental technician

Will record the colour of the teeth adjacent to the affected tooth so that they can ensure the final crown blends in seamlessly. The hue and shade of your natural teeth can therefore be mimicked so that a natural looking result can be achieved. You will need to have a temporary crown until the permanent crown is completed at the dental laboratory. This temporary crown will help protect the tooth and help maintain aesthetics and function. You can wear this until you are called back to the dental clinic once the final crown is ready. It can take a few weeks for this to be ready. But once it is ready, you will be contacted to come to the dental clinic for the final fitting.

At the final fitting, the temporary crown is removed.

The final crown will be placed on the tooth and necessary adjustments will be made to ensure accurate fit. The dentist will also check proper bite alignment. Once the bite and fit are confirmed, the final crown will be cemented into place. This is done using a special adhesive. This adhesive is applied to the inner surface of the crown and it is placed over the prepared tooth. Any excess cement will be removed and the crown will be bonded. There will also be some final checks done to ensure the crown is seated properly and that your bite function is correct. They will also give you instructions on how to care for the dental crown.